Summer Swiss kicks off with 10 players

The Summer Swiss has started strong with 10 participants, many of whom were new faces at the club, including an overseas visitor in Chris Lamming, starting off with a solid win against Fess Vehbi on board 1 on the Black side of a Sicilian Dragon.
Fess set up a Yugoslav Attack formation, but was somewhat delayed in pushing the h-pawn, allowing Chris time to counter-attack in the centre and stave off the eventual kingside threats.

Board 2 saw Jack Smith play a surprisingly uninspiring Scotch Gambit against Rodel Sicat; Rodel stepped off the beaten track, and Jack had a small and pleasant edge but failed to do much with it; pieces came off the board and it looked quite drawish until Rodel took one too many pawns and allowed Jack a nice trick to trap the bishop.

Newcomer James Davidson took the White pieces against Geoff Davis on board 3 in a “delayed alapin Sicilian”; Geoff got early pressure against the e4 pawn, and James didn’t find the right response; he eventually resigned down a few pieces.

On board 4, Serge Curbeil made an appearance against Aidan Vehbi; clearly an experienced player, Serge took control with a Stonewall structure, and quickly checkmated the youngster.

Geoff Barber took a bye in the first round, but Anakin Kotus did not go without a game; a visiting Geoffrey Gill had a casual game or two with him, and Anakin got the full point bye.

Round 1 results:
Fess Vebhi vs Chris Lamming 0-1
Jack Smith vs Rodel Sicat 1-0
James Davidson vs Geoff Davis 0-1
Serge Curbeil vs Aidan Vehbi 1-0
Anakin Kotus vs BYE 1-0
Geoff Barber requested BYE .5

Round 2 pairings:
Chris Lamming vs Serge Curbeil
Anakin Kotus vs Jack Smith
Geoff Davis vs Geoff Barber
Rodel Sicat vs Fess Vehbi
Aidan Vehbi vs James Davidson

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