Club Activities are due to resume in the first week of February, 2023.

Club-run events:
Thursday Afternoon Kids Sessions
Venue: Girl Guides Hall, 33B Myers St, Geelong
From 4 pm until 5 pm Thursday during school term.
Cost: Free
What to expect: Kids of all skill levels between 5 and 12 come to play some casual games of chess against others of similar strength.

Thursday Evening Tournaments
Girl Guides Hall, 33B Myers St, Geelong
From 7 pm – approx. 9:30 pm Thursdays. Please note: we may finish later than 9:30 pm depending on the type of tournament being held.
Cost: $10 Adult Non-Members ($5 Adult Members)
$5 Junior Non-Members ($2 Junior Members)
Your first visit to the club is free!
What to expect: Enthusiastic chess players come to play in a structured tournament, which pairs players against each other based on performance. (Typically a “Swiss” pairing system.) Chess timers are used, with time controls of 5+2, 20+5, and 60+30 being the most common.

Saturday Afternoon Beginners and Kids’ Lessons
Geelong West Neighbourhood House, 89 Autumn St, Geelong West
Time: From 12 – 1 pm on Saturdays, during school term
Cost: $10/student week by week or $75/week for a 10 week term.
What to expect: Sessions typically consist of a 20 – 30 minute lecture on an instructive topic by a chess teacher, followed by 30 – 40 minutes of play against an opponent of similar estimated strength, based on a flexible pairing system

Saturday Afternoon Casual/Tournaments

Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to attend!

Please also view and join in our Facebook Group for up to the minute updates.

ACF Rated Summer Swiss, open for registration!

Our first ACF rated tournament of the year will be starting this coming Thursday, 17th Feb!
It would be much appreciated if you are able to register in advance!
To register, contact me at: 0406 199 457 – SMS preferred.

This will be an ACF rated, 5 week classical tournament.
The time control will be 60+30.
The tournament will be held at the usual Girl Guides Hall, 33B Myers Street, Geelong.

As per the AGM, we are looking to organise some “prizes” for this tournament – there will be boxes of chocolates for the prize-winners.

Entry Fees:
$25/$5 per night for Adult Members ($50/$10 per night for Adult Non-members)
$10/$2 per night for Junior Members ($25/$5 per night for Junior Non-members)
See membership prices here:

Round 1 – 17 Feb 7:15 pm
Round 2 – 24 Feb 7:15 pm
Round 3 – 3 March 7:15 pm
Round 4 – 10 March 7:15 pm
Round 5 – 17 March 7:15 pm

Rules, regulations, and other fun stuff:
1: Please try to give us at least two days notice if you aren’t able to make a round. That being said, please try to make all or most of the rounds. Half-point byes will be available for the first 3 rounds.
1a) If you are absent for a round and do not give us any notice, you will forfeit your game. If this occurs twice you will be removed from the tournament.
2: Please ensure your mobile phone is on silent.
3: All moves must be written down/recorded, for the purposes of arbiting.
4: Please wear a mask, including at the board, and check in with the venue QR code. Mask may be removed briefly to take a drink of water.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Daneshvar, Smith take out first tournament of 2022

Our calendar started off with the Summer Swiss, which was won by Reza Daneshvar and Jack Smith on 5.5/6 each against a competitive field – the two drew their encounter in the second round, and won the rest of their games.

Round 1 results:
Geoffrey Gill vs Rodel 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Reza 0-1
Mio vs Elizabeth 1-0
MJ vs Geoff Barber 0-1
Jack vs Jamie 1-0

Round 2 results:
Reza vs Jack 0.5 – 0.5
Geoff Barber vs Mio 1-0
Rodel vs Geoff Davis 1-0
Jamie vs Geoffrey Gill 1-0
Elizabeth vs MJ 0-1

Round 3 results:
Rodel vs Geoff Barber 1-0
Geoffrey Gill vs Reza 0-1
Jack vs Mio 1-0
MJ vs Jamie 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Elizabeth 1-0

Round 4 Results:
Reza vs Rodel 1-0
Geoff Barber vs Jack 0-1
Mio vs Geoff Davis 0-1
Elizabeth vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1

Round 5 Results:
Jack vs Rodel 1-0
Elizabeth vs Reza 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Geoff Barber 0-1
Geoffrey Gill vs Mio 1-0

Round 6 Results:
Reza vs Geoff Barber 1-0
Jack vs Elizabeth 1-0
Geoff Davis vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1
Rodel vs Mio 1-0

Final Standings:
1 – 2. Reza Daneshvar 5.5
Jack Smith 5.5
3 – 4. Rodel Sicat 4
Geoffrey Gill 4
5. Geoff Barber 3
6. Geoff Davis 2
7. Mio Ristic 1
8. Jamie 1 (W)
9. MJ 1 (W)
10. Elizabeth 0

AGM and Prizegiving to be held this Thursday at 7:15 pm.

The Geelong Chess Club AGM and Prizegiving Ceremony will be held this coming Thursday at the usual club time of 7:15 pm. If attending, please try to get there by around 7. AGM Agenda:
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of AGM 2020 – Mio to prepare
3. Treasurers Report – Paul to prepare
4. Presidents Report – Geoffrey to prepare
5. Election of Office Bearers
6. General Business
6a. Set fees for 2022 (Membership fees, Nightly fees, Juniors, Casuals, etc) – Paul to lead
6b. Covid contingencies for 2022 (if any) – Geoffrey to lead
6c. Re-engaging with the younger generation & WWC for 2022 – Jack to lead
6d. Update list of member’s contact details (name, email, phone … also suggest to add Vac status and WWC where applicable) – Paul to lead
6e. Review Club Championship format/times/days – Jack to lead
6f. Rating Thursday tournaments (Currently only the Club Champs and Rapid Champs are rated) – Jack to lead
6g. Prizes for Thursday night tournaments (A book, some chocolates, etc) – Jack to lead
6h. Any other business
7. Prizes/Trophies – President to lead
8. Light Supper

List of Prize Winners 2021:

Summer Rapid:
=1st: David O’Dea 5/6
=1st: Jack Smith 5/6
= 3rd: Rodel Sicat 4/6
=3rd: Geoffrey Gill 4/6

Summer Swiss:
1st: Geoff Davis 4/5
=2nd: Serge Corbeil 3.5/5
=2nd: Chris Lamming 3.5/5

Autumn Lightning:
1st: David O’Dea 5.5/6
2nd: Sagar Goswami 5/6
3rd: Jack Smith 4/6

Autumn Swiss:
1st: Geoff Barber 4/5
2nd: Geoff Davis 3.5/5
3rd: Mio Ristic 3/5

Winter Rapid:
=1st: Geoffrey Gill 4/6
=1st: Paul Brown 4/6
3rd: Sagar Goswami 2.5/6

Winter Swiss:
1st: Rodel Sicat 4.5/5
2nd; Jack Smith 3/5
=3rd: Paul Brown 2.5/5
=3rd: Toby Mew 2.5/5
=3rd: Geoff Barber 2.5/5

Lightning Championship 2021:
=1st: Jack Smith 6/7
=1st: Paul Brown 6/7
3rd: Rodel Sicat 5/7

Fischer Random Rapid:
=1st: Mio Ristic 6/7
=1st: Jack Smith 6/7
3rd: Geoffrey Gill 5.5/7

Club Championship 2021:
=1st: Rod Hessing 5.5/7
=1st: Rodel Sicat 5.5/7
3rd: Mio Ristic 4.5/7

Rapid Championship 2021:
1st; Louis Fevrier 4/6
=2nd: Reza Daneshvar 3.5/6
=2nd: Mio Ristic 3.5/6

Hessing takes half-point lead after beating Sicat, Black wins all 6 games, Round 6 draw

Rod Hessing is the new leader after beating Rodel Sicat on Board 1; Sicat opted for a passive approach against the Scandinavian, and Hessing won a long endgame battle, putting him half a point ahead of a pack of four other players.

Toby Mew, playing Black on Board 2, claimed a deserved but messy victory over Mio Ristic; after finding a nice combination to win material in a Caro-Kann middlegame, Mew got careless and missed the only accurate continuation, finding himself in a drawn ending. However, after some shuffling, Ristic self-destructed with a miscalculated pawn sacrifice and quickly resigned.

Geoff Davis on Board 3 had a short and sweet game against Taran Singh after the latter made an early oversight and allowed a forced mating sequence; it was all over on move 20.

Alistair Anderson had a quick night on board 4 as his opponent Paul Brown dropped a piece early and resigned without playing on.

Jamie Parker, Black on board 5, took on young Harrison Coppock and took the full point after a short battle.

Sree Sabhapathi and Brian Coppock had a hard-fought battle on board 6, where the game was decided in a king and pawn ending; White had the better of it but made a critical error, allowing Black to turn the tables and collect the full point.

All games in round 5 ended decisively in Black’s favour; a most unusual turn of events!

Round 5 results:
Rodel Sicat vs Rod Hessing 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Toby Mew 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Taran Singh 0-1
Paul Brown vs Alistair Anderson 0-1
Harrison Coppock vs Jamie Parker 0-1
Brian Coppock vs Sree Sabhapathi 0-1

Round 6 pairings:
Geoff Davis (3.5) vs Rod Hessing (4)
Alistair Anderson (3.5) vs Mio Ristic (2.5)
Toby Mew (3.5) vs Taran Singh (2.5)
Brian Coppock (0.5) vs Rodel Sicat (3.5)
Jamie Parker (2) vs Sree Sabhapathi (2)
Paul Brown (2) vs Harrison Coppock (0.5)

Victorian Country Championship 2021; Enter Before 19 November!

Happy to announce that the Victorian Country Championship is being held again in Geelong this year on the 27th and 28th of November. This tournament is open to all players who live 50+ km from Melbourne CBD.

The venue will be St Mary’s Terrace and Community Hub, 192 Myers Street, Geelong.

The tournament will be ACF rated, and the rate of play will be 60 mins + 30 seconds increment. All moves must be recorded.

Saturday 27th November
Round 1 – 9:30 am
Round 2 – 1:00 pm
Round 3 – 4:00 pm
Sunday 28th November
Round 4 – 9:30 am
Round 5 – 1:00 pm
Players’ Meeting – 3:45 pm
Round 6 – 4:00 pm

Prizes: All entry fees will be distributed in prizes. 75% of the prize pool will go towards Championship prizes, and 25% will go towards Reserve prizes. (Players who are in the bottom half of the field based on rating will be eligible for Reserve prizes; the best scoring Reserve player will be declared Reserve Champion.)

COVID restrictions:
All players must be fully vaccinated, except those under 12, and those who are able to provide a written exemption from a GP. Proof of vaccination will be required upon entry. QR code check-in will also be required.

Currently, (15 November) the advice is that masks will not be required indoors during the tournament, in line with Phase D of the COVID roadmap. However, if the government advice changes between now and then, we will adjust to be in line with said advice.

Half-point Byes:
A single half-point bye is available for rounds 1 – 4. You must advise the arbiter of any Bye requests before the start of the previous round.

Entry enquiries:
Entry fees before 19 November are $60 Concession/$80 Adult. After 19 November, you will have to pay an additional $10.

To enter, or for general enquiries, either contact one of the committee members:

Kevin Perrin (President) 0418 533 517
Nigel Barrow (Secretary) 0421 674 869
Jack Smith (Vice-President) 0406 199 457
Use the Trybooking link:

Keep an eye on the chess chat page to stay abreast of current entries and other tournament updates! Current entries include strong FM Christopher Wallis and our very own 14-time Geelong Club Champion Alistair Anderson.
chesschat page:

Round 4: Hessing overcomes Anderson, Sicat clear leader with Hessing in close pursuit; Round 5 to be played 11th November

First a reminder about our schedule:
Round 5 of the Club Championship will not be played this Thursday, 4th November; you are still welcome to attend the club, but it will be a night of casual chess. Round 5 will be played next Thursday 11th November, and round 5 pairings will be published next Tuesday 9th November. If you need a bye for next Thursday please let me know.

On to the round 4 report:

The battle for the top spot is heating up after an upset by Rod Hessing over Alistair Anderson on board 1! The game was played in Rod’s trusty Bird Opening (1.f4) and his experience was put to good use; Alistair elected to castle on the queenside to escape the menacing build-up of White’s pieces on the kingside, but this did not help, as Rod locked the centre and transferred his attack to the queenside; Black seemed to underestimate the speed of White’s attack and elected for a somewhat slower plan than was needed. Things looked increasingly grim for Alistair as he was caught on the back foot for a lot of the game; he kept his hand in, even going down a queen for two knights, but Rod remained unperturbed and converted his advantage correctly, forcing Alistair to eventually throw in the towel. A convincing victory by the 2017 Lightning Champion.

Board 2 saw a tough battle between Rodel Sicat and Paul Brown. Paul came out of the opening standing well; Rodel had doubled rooks on a semi-open h-file, but Paul had fine pressure against weak White pawns. However, Paul tried some overly ambitious manoeuvres which damaged his own pawn structure more than Rodel’s; Black’s position quickly disintegrated after White applied pressure to the newfound weaknesses.

On Board 3, Sree Sabhapathi gave a tough fight to Mio Ristic; in an unconventional French defence, where the players left theory on move 2 (1.e4 e6 2. Nc3 Bb4!?), Mio had the better of the opening, and all looked almost lost for Sree. However, Black got slightly complacent, and allowed Sree to sacrifice the exchange to get a great deal of activity; in fact, there were points where White had chances for advantage! However, Mio found some tricky resources and Sree eventually found his activity neutralised. Black promoted a pawn and White resigned shortly thereafter.

Harrison Coppock took on Geoff Davis on board 4; Geoff’s experience proved too much, as he collected a few pieces before launching a successful checkmating attack against White’s king.

On board 5, Jamie Parker and Brian Coppock had a wild battle; Brian came slightly better out of an exchange Caro-Kann before Jamie made a mistake allowing a devastating combination, which was surprisingly not executed. The game became incredibly complex and tactical, with both sides missing a few surprising moves. When the dust settled however, Brian had a rook and two pawns for knight and bishop, with the pawns being scarier than the two pieces. However, just as it seemed all was lost for White, a desperate trick was employed, which turned the tide as Black hung a full rook. A real battle!

Round 4 results:
Rod Hessing vs Alistair Anderson 1-0
Rodel Sicat vs Paul Brown 1-0
Sree Sabhapathi vs Mio Ristic 0-1
Harrison Coppock vs Geoff Davis 0-1
Jamie Parker vs Brian Coppock 1-0

Current Standings out of 4 rounds:
1. Rodel Sicat 3.5
2. Rod Hessing 3
3 – 7. Mio Ristic 2.5
Toby Mew 2.5
Alistair Anderson 2.5
Taran Singh 2.5
Geoff Davis 2.5
8. Paul Brown 2
9 – 10. Jamie Parker 1
Sree Sabhapathi 1
11 – 12. Brian Coppock 0.5
Harrison Coppock 0.5

Anderson and Sicat draw to share the lead, Hessing and Brown now 1/2 point behind

Round 3 Results:
Alistair Anderson vs Rodel Sicat 0.5 – 0.5
Mio Ristic vs Rod Hessing 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Paul Brown 0-1
Sree Sabhapathi vs Toby Mew 0-1
Jamie Parker vs Taran Singh 0-1
Brian Coppock vs Harrison Coppock 0.5 – 0.5

Round 4 Pairings:
Rod Hessing (2) vs Alistair Anderson (2.5)
Rodel Sicat (2.5) vs Paul Brown (2)
Sree Sabhapathi(1) vs Mio Ristic (1.5)
Harrison Coppock (0.5) vs Geoff Davis (1.5)
Jamie Parker (0) vs Brian Coppock (0.5)
Toby Mew (2) 0.5 BYE
Taran Singh (2) 0.5 BYE

1- 2. Alistair Anderson 2.5
Rodel Sicat 2.5
3 – 6. Paul Brown 2
Toby Mew 2
Rod Hessing 2
Taran Singh 2
7 – 8. Geoff Davis 1.5
Mio Ristic 1.5
9. Sree Sabhapathi 1
10 – 11. Brian Coppock 0.5
Harrison Coppock 0.5
12. Jamie Parker 0

Round 3 Pairings: Early leaders Sicat and Anderson face off, Ristic and Davis lurking behind by 0.5

Round 3 Pairings are out!

Round 2 results:
Alistair Anderson vs Paul Brown 1F-0F
Geoff Davis vs Mio Ristic 1/2 – 1/2
Toby Mew vs Rodel Sicat 0-1
Rod Hessing vs Jamie Parker 1-0
Taran Singh vs Brian Coppock 1-0
Harrison Coppock vs Sree Sabhapathi 0-1

Round 3 Pairings:
Alistair Anderson (2) vs Rodel Sicat (2)
Mio Ristic (1.5) vs Rod Hessing (1)
Geoff Davis (1.5) vs Paul Brown (1)
Sree Sabhapathi (1) vs Toby Mew (1)
Jamie Parker (0) vs Taran Singh (1)
Brian Coppock (0) vs Harrison Coppock (0)