Summer Swiss continues: Round 2

There were two draws out of 4 games played on Thursday, one of them being the game on Board 1 between Chris Lamming and Serge Corbeil.

Chris started with 1. e4 and Serge replied with the French Defense; the next few moves unfolded into a Two Knights, where Serge provoked e5 with …Nf6. Black tried to pick at the e5 pawn, but White had enough play to hold the balance, and looking for play along the f-file. The game remained even, though, and the players agreed to a draw in a NvB ending where there was no way in for either king.

Anakin Kotus played an excellent game on board 2 against Jack Smith, displaying great tactical awareness. Jack, with the Black pieces, won a pawn early in a “Botvinnik English” kind of setup, but Anakin kept playing and eventually snagged back the pawn with a cute tactic. White continued to put pressure on Black, but didn’t see the danger until Black struck back with a combination against White’s king that saw an immediate loss of material. A good show from a promising Geelong junior!

Geoff Davis faced Geoff Barber in a Petroff Defense on Board 3, and as one might expect the opening stage was pretty quiet, with Mr. Davis playing some passive moves, allowing Mr. Barber to gain a fine position in the opposite side castling middlegame; White admitted to being worried afterwards! However, Black forgot to follow the grandmaster rule: “Always play Kb1” and White managed to change the nature of the game by forcing a trade of queens with a check. In the longest game to finish by far, Davis eventually looked to be completely winning, with his king behind Barber’s pawns in an ending, and a bishop for knight to boot. But with a nifty display of endgame understanding, Black combined counterattacks and defence to steer the game into a tranquil drawn position. A neat escape in Geoff B’s return to OTB chess!

On Board 4, Mio Ristic played James Davidson in a Scandinavian. James played quite solidly, putting a knight on c6 instead of the usual pawn, ala Alistair Anderson. However, he was not quite careful enough with his queen and soon found it trapped on b6; Mio was, of course, able to convert a full queen without further drama.

Round 2 results:
Chris Lamming vs Serge Corbeil 0.5 – 0.5
Anakin Kotus vs Jack Smith 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Geoff Barber 0.5 – 0.5
Mio Ristic vs James Davidson 1-0
Paul Brown vs BYE

Note: Fess and Aidan were not present for round 2, and Rodel had to take a BYE due to work. If Fess and Aidan are not present in round 3 they will be taken out of the draw; their opponents will likely be playing each other in this case.

Round 3 pairings:
Jack Smith vs Chris Lamming
Serge Curbeil vs Geoff Davis
Geoff Barber vs Anakin Kotus
Paul Brown vs Mio Ristic
Rodel Sicat vs Fess Vehbi
Aidan Vehbi vs James Davidson

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