Saturday Afternoon Casual

Great news! After an extended break, we are bringing this event back; anyone interested is encouraged to come along and have a few casual games! (Please bring/wear a mask and be willing to socially distance and sanitise.)

This session is great for beginners and veterans alike, with a lighthearted and friendly atmosphere in which everyone is welcome to have a few games with anyone they choose! The trial of this event in 2019 was quite successful, so we are happy to say that we will continue running it for the foreseeable future. If for whatever reason the Thursday evening sessions are not suitable for you, we encourage you to come along and enjoy a few games with some friendly people!

Where: Geelong West Neighbourhood House
89 Autumn St, Geelong West, 3218

When: 12pm – 2 pm Saturdays, starting February 13, 2020

Cost: $3/participant to cover renting costs