ACF Rated Summer Swiss, open for registration!

Our first ACF rated tournament of the year will be starting this coming Thursday, 17th Feb!
It would be much appreciated if you are able to register in advance!
To register, contact me at: 0406 199 457 – SMS preferred.

This will be an ACF rated, 5 week classical tournament.
The time control will be 60+30.
The tournament will be held at the usual Girl Guides Hall, 33B Myers Street, Geelong.

As per the AGM, we are looking to organise some “prizes” for this tournament – there will be boxes of chocolates for the prize-winners.

Entry Fees:
$25/$5 per night for Adult Members ($50/$10 per night for Adult Non-members)
$10/$2 per night for Junior Members ($25/$5 per night for Junior Non-members)
See membership prices here:

Round 1 – 17 Feb 7:15 pm
Round 2 – 24 Feb 7:15 pm
Round 3 – 3 March 7:15 pm
Round 4 – 10 March 7:15 pm
Round 5 – 17 March 7:15 pm

Rules, regulations, and other fun stuff:
1: Please try to give us at least two days notice if you aren’t able to make a round. That being said, please try to make all or most of the rounds. Half-point byes will be available for the first 3 rounds.
1a) If you are absent for a round and do not give us any notice, you will forfeit your game. If this occurs twice you will be removed from the tournament.
2: Please ensure your mobile phone is on silent.
3: All moves must be written down/recorded, for the purposes of arbiting.
4: Please wear a mask, including at the board, and check in with the venue QR code. Mask may be removed briefly to take a drink of water.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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