Club Activities are due to resume in the first week of February, 2023.

Club-run events:
Thursday Afternoon Kids Sessions
Venue: Girl Guides Hall, 33B Myers St, Geelong
From 4 pm until 5 pm Thursday during school term.
Cost: Free
What to expect: Kids of all skill levels between 5 and 12 come to play some casual games of chess against others of similar strength.

Thursday Evening Tournaments
Girl Guides Hall, 33B Myers St, Geelong
From 7 pm – approx. 9:30 pm Thursdays. Please note: we may finish later than 9:30 pm depending on the type of tournament being held.
Cost: $10 Adult Non-Members ($5 Adult Members)
$5 Junior Non-Members ($2 Junior Members)
Your first visit to the club is free!
What to expect: Enthusiastic chess players come to play in a structured tournament, which pairs players against each other based on performance. (Typically a “Swiss” pairing system.) Chess timers are used, with time controls of 5+2, 20+5, and 60+30 being the most common.

Saturday Afternoon Beginners and Kids’ Lessons
Geelong West Neighbourhood House, 89 Autumn St, Geelong West
Time: From 12 – 1 pm on Saturdays, during school term
Cost: $10/student week by week or $75/week for a 10 week term.
What to expect: Sessions typically consist of a 20 – 30 minute lecture on an instructive topic by a chess teacher, followed by 30 – 40 minutes of play against an opponent of similar estimated strength, based on a flexible pairing system

Saturday Afternoon Casual/Tournaments

Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to attend!

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