2021 Calendar

04 Feb T01 Summer Rapid R1-3
(Rapid chess to get back into the swing in 2021: 20 mins + 2 seconds)

11 Feb T01 R4-6

18 Feb T02 Summer Swiss R1 (Serious tournament chess: 60 mins + 30 seconds)

25 Feb T02 R2

04 Mar T02 R3 [Ballarat Begonia Open over Labour weekend]

11 Mar T02 R4

18 Mar T02 R5

25 Mar T03 Autumn Lightning R1-6 (Quick chess: 5 mins, no increment)

01 Apr Casual – Easter School holidays

08 Apr T04 Blindfold handicap R1-3 (Higher rated player plays first X moves blindfold)

15 Apr T05 Youth vs Experience R1 Experienced players play 10 moves in 10 minutes then change board; “youth” stay at the same board for the whole game.

22 Apr T06 Autumn Swiss R1 (Serious tournament chess: 60 mins + 30 seconds)

29 Apr T06 R2

06 May T06 R3

13 May T06 R4

20 May T06 R5

27 May T07 “Baroque” Chess R1-3 (Each pair plays each other on two boards at once)

03 Jun T08 Winter Tandem Rapid R1-3 (Two vs two … each player makes alternate moves)

10 Jun T08 R4-6

17 Jun T09 Winter Rapid R1-3 (20 mins + 2 seconds)

24 Jun T09 R4-6

01 Jul T10 Pocket Knight or Casual R1-4 School holidays (Pocket Knight: every player has once extra knight that they can place down on any of their turns)

08 Jul T11 Missions R1-4 (Players get an extra half point if they complete a randomly selected Mission. e.g “take 6 of your opponents pieces”: 10 minutes + 2 seconds)

15 Jul T12 One against two R1-6 (Top third of the playing field play two other players simultaneously!)

22 Jul T13 Winter Swiss R1 (Serious tournament chess: 60 minutes + 30 seconds)

29 Jul T13 R2

05 Aug T13 R3 [Ballarat v Geelong on Sunday – All players wanted!]

12 Aug T13 R4

19 Aug T13 R5

26 Aug T14 Lightning Skittles R1-6 (Start with a number of skittles depending on rating; run out of skittles and you are eliminated: 5 mins flat)

02 Sep T15 Lightning Championship R1-6 (5 mins flat; the winner gets name engraved on Lightning Championship Trophy)

09 Sep T16 Spring Rapid R1-3 (20 mins + 2 seconds)

16 Sep T16 R4-6

23 Sep T17 Fischer Random Rapid R1-3 (20 mins + 2 seconds; Start with all your back-rank pieces on random starting squares)

30 Sep T17 R4-6 School holidays

07 Oct T18 Club Championships R1 (Seven round swiss or RR ACF Rated: 90 + 30)

14 Oct T18 R2 [Victoria Country Chess Champs during weekend]

21 Oct T18 R3

28 Oct T18 R4

04 Nov Catch up/casual night (in the event of postponed games, they may be played on this night)

11 Nov T18 R5

18 Nov T18 R6

25 Nov T18 R7

02 Dec T19 Rapid Play Championship R1-3 (ACF Rated: 20 minutes + 2 seconds)

09 Dec T19 R4-6

16 Dec T20 Annual General Meeting