T12 Lightning Skittles

Commences 22nd August, 2019
Ends 22nd August, 2019
Number of Rounds As necessary
Format Swiss
Rate of Play 5 minutes
Increment 2 seconds
ACF Rated No

Geelong Chess Club’s first skittles tournament was a success, with 11 players turning out to do battle!

Final Standings:
1st Place: 
Geoffrey Gill
2nd Place: Jack Smith
3rd Place: Rodel Sicat

Each player started on a certain number of points based on rating. The starting points for each of the players were as follows.

Geoffrey Gill: 3
Reza Daneshvar 3
Rodel Sicat: 3.5
Sagargiri Goswami 3.5
Mio Ristic 3.5
Geoff Barber 3.5
Jack Smith 4
Alex Leach 4
Ishan Phule 5
Daniel Lilley 5
Paul Brown 5

The approximations seemed to balance well, as the first elimination was encountered just before Round 7 when a player bowed out with a headache.

However, at the end of round 7 there were only 6 players left! Geoffrey Gill remained untouched on his starting 3 skittles, Jack had 2 points,and  Rodel had 1.5. Paul, Alex, and Mio all had 1 remaining point. All of the latter were eliminated, and the “tiebreakers” commenced. After intense battle, the top three standings were decided.

Congratulations to Geoffrey Gill, who only conceded half a point during the whole tournament!

Thanks to Melbourne Chess Club for the inspiration for this tournament.