T10 Youth vs Experience

Commences 4th July, 2019
Ends 11th July, 2019
No. of Rounds Two over two nights.
Rate of Play Variable
ACF Rated

Novelty event – experienced guys make 10 moves in 10 minutes then go down a board.

“Youth vs Experience” was a success as an even number of 6 players turned up and played an interesting event on three boards.

Jack Smith, Alex Leach, and Paul Brown comprised the “Youth”, while Geoffrey Gill, Geoff Barber, and Rodel Sicat made up the “Experience”. Each experienced player made 10 moves within a time limit of 10 minutes, and then moved down to the next board, while each youth, or less experienced player, stayed at the same board for the whole game. The experienced players were always playing Black.

Geoffrey Gill started against Jack Smith, and essayed the Winawer to which Jack decided to react with the unambitious 4. exd5. The game was reasonably even until Jack blundered the exchange and a pawn, and the experienced players’ technique was too good for him to make a recovery.

Rodel Sicat made the first moves against Alex Leach, who played what looked like a Torre Attack. It was a long and tough game, which was ultimately decided by a pair of Black connected passed pawns.

Geoff Barber played the Najdorf with …g6 (The Dragondorf!) against Paul Brown. Paul went for his standard English attack setup, but things slowly went south, and it was White and not Black whose king was in mortal peril. Excellent attacking technique by the experienced players wound up being too much for Paul as well.

Another round was planned, but did not go forward.