T01 Summer Rapid

Commenced 7th February, 2019
Ended 14th February, 2018
No. of Rounds Six
Format Swiss
Rate of Play 20 min
Increment 2 seconds
ACF Rated

Geoff Barber took first place in the 2019 Summer Rapid, with a score of 5 out of 6 points.

Final Standings

1. Barber, Geoffrey 5
2. Goswani, Sagargiri 4.5
3. Brown, Paul 4
4. Daneshvar, Reza 3.5
5 – 8. Smith, Jack 3
Waadhwa, Ehsaas 3
Lobik, Robbert 3
Slade, Daniel 3
9 – 11. Levakis, Steve 2
Waadhwa, Rakesh 2
Kotus, Anakin 2
12. Adams, James 0

Round 1 Results:

Brown, Paul          vs   Gill, Geoffrey 0-1
Hessing, Rod         vs   Slade, Daniel 1-0
Adams, James         vs   Daneshvar, Reza 0-1
Barber, Geoffrey     vs   Goswani, Sagargiri 1-0
Kotus, Anakin        vs   Babic, Zoran 0-1
Ristic, Mio          vs   Lobik, Robbert 1-0
Waadhwa, Ehsaas      vs   Smith, Jack 0-1
Waadhwa, Rakesh      vs   Levikas, Steve 0-1

Round 2 Results:

Gill, Geoffrey        vs  Babic, Zoran 0-1
Smith, Jack           vs  Hessing, Rod 0-1
Daneshvar, Reza       vs  Ristic, Mio 1-0
Levikas, Steve        vs  Barber, Geoffrey 0-1
Kotus, Anakin         vs  Brown, Paul 0-1
Slade, Daniel         vs  Waadhwa, Ehsaas 0-1
Lobik, Robbert        vs  Adams, James 1-0
Goswani, Sagargiri    vs  Waadhwa, Rakesh 1-0

Round 3 Results:

Hessing, Rod          vs   Barber, Geoff 0-1
Babic, Zoran          vs   Daneshvar, Reza 1-0
Waadhwa, Ehsaas       vs   Gill, Geoffrey 0-1
Ristic, Mio           vs   Sagargiri, Goswani 0-1
Levikas, Steve        vs   Smith, Jack 0-1
Brown, Paul           vs   Lobik, Robbert 1-0
Waadhwa, Rakesh       vs   Slade, Daniel 0-1
Adams, James          vs   Kotus, Anakin 0-1

Round 4 Pairings:

Barber, Geoff         vs   Babic, Zoran
Goswani, Sagargiri    vs   Hessing, Rod
Daneshvar, Reza       vs   Brown, Paul
Smith, Jack           vs   Ristic, Mio
Slade, Daniel         vs   Levikas, Steve
Lobik, Robbert        vs   Kotus, Anakin
Adams, James          vs   Waadhwa, Ehsaas
Waadhwa, Rakesh       vs   BYE 1F-0F