2017 Club Championship Playoff

Commenced 30th November, 2017
Ended 7th December, 2017
Number of Games 2
Format Playoff
Rate of Play 90 minutes per player
Increment 30 seconds
ACF Rated
Tournament Type

The 2017 Geelong Chess Club Championship playoff was a two-game match between Reza Daneshvar and Michael Sugrue, who finished equal first on 10.5 points out of 13 in the 2017 Club Championship.

The matches were played with colors alternating between players, drawn by lot at the beginning of the first game. Reza drew the White Pieces in game 1.

Michael Sugrue won the playoff 2-0, becoming Club Champion for 2017.

Final Standings

As of 8th December, 2017

Player     	   Rating      G1   G2    Total
Sugrue, Michael    1910         1    1        2
Daneshvar, Reza    1831	        0    0        0

The matches were played over two consecutive Thursdays.
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Thursday 30th November – Game 1

 1. Daneshvar, Reza    0 - 1    Sugrue, Michael

Thursday 7th December – Game 2

 2. Sugrue, Michael    1 - 0    Daneshvar, Reza