Club Lightning Champions

Winners by year of the Geelong Chess Club Lightning Championship (Five minutes to complete all moves) are listed below.

The 2020 Lightning Championship was “won” by the COVID-19 pandemic; the tournament was never held that year.

Note that from 2018, a 2 second increment was introduced per move.
Formerly the time limit was a 5-minute “guillotine”.

Perpetual Lightning Championship Trophy
The Geelong Chess Club Lightning Championship Perpetual Trophy
2021J. Smith/P. Brown
2019A. Anderson
2018R. Daneshvar
2017R. Hessing
2016R. Daneshvar
2015N. Thanh Binh
2014M. Sugrue
2013M. Sugrue
2012G. Gill / O. Grygorian
2011M. Sugrue
2010S. Fletcher
2009M. Sugrue
2008O. Grygoryan
2007G. Maurer
2006M. Sugrue
2005A. Anderson
2004A. Anderson
2003S. Fletcher
2002O. Grygoryan
2001O. Grygoryan
2000A. Anderson
1999A. Anderson
1998S. Fletcher
1997O. Grygoryan
1996A. Anderson
1995S. Sijercic
1994S. Sijercic
1993A. Anderson
1992A. Anderson
1991A. Anderson
1990G. Robins
1989T. Kovac
1988T. Kovac
1987G. Quince
1986G. Quince
1985A. Anderson
1984A. Anderson
1983S. Fletcher
1982J. Lazic
1981M. Sugrue
1980M. Sugrue