Club Champions

Winners by year of the Geelong Chess Club Championship (time limits currently 90 minutes per player, and 30 seconds increment per move) are listed below.

The 2021 Championship is going into a playoff as of 2 December, 2021 between Rodel Sicat and Rod Hessing, both on 5.5/7. The winner of the playoff will receive the title, or, if drawn, the title will be split. 2021 Club Championship

2020Geoffrey Gill
2019Reza Daneshvar
2018M. Sugrue
2017M. Sugrue
2016Z. Babic / G. Barber
2015Z. Babic / M. Sugrue
2014M. Sugrue
2013Z. Babic
2012M. Sugrue
2011M. Sugrue
2010M. Sugrue
2009Z. Babic
2008M. Sugrue
2007O. Grygoryan
2006A. Anderson
2005O. Grygoryan
2004I. Boasman
2003A. Anderson
2002A. Anderson
2001O. Grygoryan
2000A. Anderson
1999A. Anderson
1998A. Anderson
1997A. Anderson
1996A. Anderson
1995S. Fletcher
1994A. Anderson
1993A. Anderson
1992S. Sijercic
1991A. Anderson
1990A. Anderson
1989G. S. The
1988A. Anderson
1987A. Anderson
1986J. Lazic
1985M. Sugrue
1984M. Sugrue
1983M. Sugrue
1982M. Sugrue
1981M. Sugrue
1980M. Sugrue
1978R. Shaw
1977H. Andersen
1976G. Belonogoff
1975M. Sugrue
1974G. S. The
1973A. Kovac
1972I. Boasman
1971G. S. The
1970G. S. The
1969A. Kovac
1968G. S. The
1967I. Boasman
1966L. Hill / I. Boasman
1965L. Hill
1964L. Hill
1963L. Hill
1962R. Ballam
1961R. Ballam
1960R. Ballam
1959R. Ballam
1958R. Brachmanski
1957S. L. McDonald
1956R. Brachmanski
1955S. L. McDonald
1954No Record – Club in Recess
1953No Record – Club in Recess
1952E. Basta
1951N. Beggs
1950C. V. Robertson
1949J. Shrimpton