Club Championship 2019

Congratulations to Reza Daneshvar, Geelong Chess Club Champion 2019!

Final Standings:
1st Reza Daneshvar [6.0] 1790
= 2nd: Omar Bashar [4.5] unrated
CM Tony Davis [4.5] 1828
Alistair Anderson [4.5] 1864
5th Hessing Rod [4] 1539
6th Jack Smith [3.5] 1539
7th Mio Ristic [2.5] 1658
8th Daniel Lilley [1.5] unrated
9th Zoran Babic [1] 1651 (W)
10th Geoff Barber [0] 1687 (W)

Round 1 Results:
Note: Rod Hessing took a half point bye in round 1.
Mio Ristic vs Alistair Anderson 0-1
CM Tony Davis vs Zoran Babic 1-0
Jack Smith vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Geoff Barber vs Omar Bashar 0-1
Daniel Lilley vs BYE

Round 2 Results:
(Note: Geoff Barber has unfortunately had to withdraw.)
Alistair Anderson vs Daniel Lilley 1-0
Reza Daneshvar vs CM Tony Davis 1/2 – 1/2
Omar Bashar vs Rod Hessing 1/2 – 1/2
Zoran Babic vs Geoff Barber 1F – 0F
Jack Smith vs Mio Ristic 1/2 – 1/2

Round 3 Results

CM Tony Davis vs Alistair Anderson 1-0
Omar Bashar vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Zoran Babic vs Rod Hessing 0F-1F
Daniel Lilley vs Jack Smith 0F – 1F
Mio Ristic vs BYE 1-0

Round 4 Results:
(Note: Zoran Babic has given his apologies and also withdrawn. Daniel Lilley has been given a half point bye.)
Rod Hessing vs CM Tony Davis 1-0
Reza Daneshvar vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Alistair Anderson vs Jack Smith 1-0
Omar Bashar vs BYE 1-0

Round 5 Results:
Rod Hessing vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Alistair Anderson vs Omar Bashar 0-1
Mio Ristic vs CM Tony Davis 0-1
Daniel Lilley vs Jack Smith 0-1

Round 6 Results:
Reza Daneshvar vs Alistair Anderson 1/2 – 1/2
CM Tony Davis vs Omar Bashar 1-0
Jack Smith vs Rod Hessing 0-1
Daniel Lilley vs Mio Ristic 0-1

Round 7 Results:
Reza Daneshvar vs Daniel Lilley 1F-0F
CM Tony Davis vs Jack Smith 0-1
Rod Hessing vs Alistair Anderson 0-1
Omar Bashar vs Mio Ristic 1F – 0F