2022 Calendar

Note: “Casual/catch-up” days will only be used if necessary in the event of a lockdown or some other kind of postponement. Otherwise, these days will be skipped. If, at the end of the year, we still have not used our catch-up days, we will turn them into quick events to finish off the year.

3 Feb – T01 Summer Rapid (20+5) R1 – R3: A standard rapid tournament to shake off the dust of the holidays!
10 Feb – T01 R4 – 6

17 Feb – T02 Summer Swiss (60+30, ACF rated) R1: A serious, ACF rated tournament!
24 Feb – T02 R2
3 March – T02 R3
10 March – T02 R4
17 March – T02 R5

24 March – T03 Autumn Lightning (5+2, round robin): A fun, high spirited competition where everyone will play everyone else.

31 March – T04 Autumn Rapid (20+5) R1 – R3: A Rapid tournament to take us into the school holidays.
7 April – T04 R4 – R6

14 April – T05 Youth vs Experience (10 min): Experienced players play 10 moves in 10 mins then rotate to the next board, while youth remain at the same board the whole time.

21 April – T06 Paul Wendrich Memorial (60+30, ACF rated) R1: An ACF rated tournament in honour of former club stalwart Paul Wendrich.
28 April – T06 R2
5 May – T06 R3
12 May – T06 R4
19 May – T06 R5

26 May – T07 Winter Rapid (20+5) R1 – R3: A rapid tournament, suitable for a range of skill levels!
2 June – T07 R4 – R6

9 June – T08 Winter Lightning (5+2, Round Robin): An all-play-all blitz tournament for those keen for a fight!

16 June – T09 Variant Chess: To be decided by vote the week before

23 June – T10 Winter Swiss (60+30, ACF rated) R1: A serious ACF rated tournament; a great opportunity to play competitive chess locally.
30 June – T10 R2
7 July – T10 R3
14 July – T10 R4
21 July- T10 R5

28 July – T11 Blindfold handicap (20 + 5) R1 – R3: Higher rated players makes first 10 moves blindfold, using normal pairings

4 August – T12 Lightning Skittles (5+2): Players start with a number of skittles based on rating. You lose 1 skittle for every loss, and 0.5 skittles for every draw. Last man/woman standing wins!

11 August – T13 Lightining Championship (5+2, Round Robin): Our club’s flagship blitz chess tournament where some of the fastest players in Geelong come to do battle for the perpetual Lightning Trophy.

(Sunday 14 August – Fletcher Morrow Match to be held in Geelong!)

18 August – T14 Tom Nemaric Rapid Memorial (20 + 5) R1 – R3: A tournament in honour of former Club regular Tom Nemaric.
25 August – T14 R4 – R6

1 September – T15 Fischer Random Rapid (20 + 5) R1 – R3: Normal chess, but with a randomized starting position of the pieces on the back rank.
8 September – T15 R4 – R6

15 September Lightning Round Robin

22 September – Lecture: To Be Announced. We will be looking to get a strong player, either local or from elsewhere, to give an instructive lecture and/or simul at the club.

29 September – T17 Geelong Rapid Championship (20+5, ACF Quick Rated, Normal 7 pm Start) R1 – R3: The most serious of the Rapid tournaments, using ACF quick ratings.
6 October – T17 R4 – R6

13 October – T16 Geelong Chess Club Championship (105+30, ACF rated, rounds start at 6 pm) R1: The most prestigious tournament in Geelong. Some of the best chess players in the city do battle for the title of Geelong Chess Club Champion.
20 October – T16 R2
27 October- T16 R3
3 November – T16 R4
10 November – T16 R5
17 November – T16 R6
24 November – T16 R7

1 December – Catchup night #1

8 December T18 AGM/prizegiving