AGM and Prizegiving to be held this Thursday at 7:15 pm.

The Geelong Chess Club AGM and Prizegiving Ceremony will be held this coming Thursday at the usual club time of 7:15 pm. If attending, please try to get there by around 7. AGM Agenda:
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of AGM 2020 – Mio to prepare
3. Treasurers Report – Paul to prepare
4. Presidents Report – Geoffrey to prepare
5. Election of Office Bearers
6. General Business
6a. Set fees for 2022 (Membership fees, Nightly fees, Juniors, Casuals, etc) – Paul to lead
6b. Covid contingencies for 2022 (if any) – Geoffrey to lead
6c. Re-engaging with the younger generation & WWC for 2022 – Jack to lead
6d. Update list of member’s contact details (name, email, phone … also suggest to add Vac status and WWC where applicable) – Paul to lead
6e. Review Club Championship format/times/days – Jack to lead
6f. Rating Thursday tournaments (Currently only the Club Champs and Rapid Champs are rated) – Jack to lead
6g. Prizes for Thursday night tournaments (A book, some chocolates, etc) – Jack to lead
6h. Any other business
7. Prizes/Trophies – President to lead
8. Light Supper

List of Prize Winners 2021:

Summer Rapid:
=1st: David O’Dea 5/6
=1st: Jack Smith 5/6
= 3rd: Rodel Sicat 4/6
=3rd: Geoffrey Gill 4/6

Summer Swiss:
1st: Geoff Davis 4/5
=2nd: Serge Corbeil 3.5/5
=2nd: Chris Lamming 3.5/5

Autumn Lightning:
1st: David O’Dea 5.5/6
2nd: Sagar Goswami 5/6
3rd: Jack Smith 4/6

Autumn Swiss:
1st: Geoff Barber 4/5
2nd: Geoff Davis 3.5/5
3rd: Mio Ristic 3/5

Winter Rapid:
=1st: Geoffrey Gill 4/6
=1st: Paul Brown 4/6
3rd: Sagar Goswami 2.5/6

Winter Swiss:
1st: Rodel Sicat 4.5/5
2nd; Jack Smith 3/5
=3rd: Paul Brown 2.5/5
=3rd: Toby Mew 2.5/5
=3rd: Geoff Barber 2.5/5

Lightning Championship 2021:
=1st: Jack Smith 6/7
=1st: Paul Brown 6/7
3rd: Rodel Sicat 5/7

Fischer Random Rapid:
=1st: Mio Ristic 6/7
=1st: Jack Smith 6/7
3rd: Geoffrey Gill 5.5/7

Club Championship 2021:
=1st: Rod Hessing 5.5/7
=1st: Rodel Sicat 5.5/7
3rd: Mio Ristic 4.5/7

Rapid Championship 2021:
1st; Louis Fevrier 4/6
=2nd: Reza Daneshvar 3.5/6
=2nd: Mio Ristic 3.5/6

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