Round 3 Pairings: Early leaders Sicat and Anderson face off, Ristic and Davis lurking behind by 0.5

Round 3 Pairings are out!

Round 2 results:
Alistair Anderson vs Paul Brown 1F-0F
Geoff Davis vs Mio Ristic 1/2 – 1/2
Toby Mew vs Rodel Sicat 0-1
Rod Hessing vs Jamie Parker 1-0
Taran Singh vs Brian Coppock 1-0
Harrison Coppock vs Sree Sabhapathi 0-1

Round 3 Pairings:
Alistair Anderson (2) vs Rodel Sicat (2)
Mio Ristic (1.5) vs Rod Hessing (1)
Geoff Davis (1.5) vs Paul Brown (1)
Sree Sabhapathi (1) vs Toby Mew (1)
Jamie Parker (0) vs Taran Singh (1)
Brian Coppock (0) vs Harrison Coppock (0)

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