Autumn Swiss kicks off, youngsters impress

The Autumn Swiss kicked off last Thursday with 10 players entered. Paul Brown graciously took charge of the running of the tournament, as the usual DOP was out of town and took a half point bye.

Brian Coppock, a Saturday afternoon enthusiast, took on Mio Ristic on board 1; Brian had a fine position at one point but Mio’s experience won out.

On board 2 Geoff Barber played talented young Fin Hutton; Fin also had good chances, but Geoff is a tricky customer and eventually took the win.

Toby Mew and Serge Corbeil battled it out on board 3; Toby, another talented junior, overcame Serge to pull off a fine upset off the bat!

Geoff Davis and newcomer Michael Ryde played on the last board; Geoff, the winner of the previous Swiss, proved he’s still got it and took the victory.

Jack Smith was out of town and took a half point bye while Paul Brown selflessly elected to take the bye so no one else had to miss out.

Round 1 results:
Brian vs Mio 0-1
Geoff B vs Fin 1-0
Toby vs Serge 1-0
Geoff D vs Michael 1-0
Paul vs BYE 1-0
Jack 0.5 BYE

Round 2 pairings:
Mio vs Geoff D
Toby vs Geoff B
Serge vs Fin
Michael vs Brian
Paul 0.5 BYE
Jack 0 BYE

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