Summer Swiss handily won by Davis!

Geoff Davis has won the Summer Swiss, drawing his last game with Chris Lamming to finish on a score of 4/5, with Chris and Serge Corbeil coming equal second on 3.5!

Well done to Geoff and thanks to everyone who played!
The game on board 1 saw Mr. Davis playing White, essaying the Scotch; (1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4) Chris replied with the speculative line 3… exd4 4. Nxd4 Ne5!? and Geoff soon got a big advantage in space. White was pressing for the whole game but Black’s cramped position proved rock solid, even in the face of a passed e6 pawn late in the game. White couldn’t prove anything and the players agreed to draw.

Board 2 saw tragedy for Rodel Sicat against Serge Corbeil; Rodel played the Black side of a Benoni-like structure, with Serge deploying his pieces in a cautious but risk-free manner. Black had fine play, breaking out and reaching probable equality before a careless blunder cost him a rook thanks to a nice tactical find by Serge, who secured equal second place in the first game to finish.

Board 3 was a slugfest between two equally inconsistent players in Geoff Barber and Jack Smith. Jack, taking the black pieces, played quite quickly for the first several moves, as the game repeated the first 12 moves played in the round 4 game Chris vs Jack. Jack sacrificed an exchange for an abundance of activity and an easy game, and then cleverly blundered a piece. He clawed his way back to an endgame where he had 2 pawns for a bishop and nothing to lose. Geoff overlooked a unique tactic, and had to give back the piece, but there was nothing for black in the resulting position and the players agreed a draw.

Mio Ristic won a fine game against Paul Brown on board 4 in a Classical Sicilian. Mio, playing White, essayed his trusty English attack, and followed the simple plan of castling queenside and pushing his h and g pawns into Blacks kingside-castled face. Paul missed a surprising resource in the opening after White stuck a knight on d5, and Black wound up not being able to solve the problems presented.

Final Standings:
1. Geoff Davis 4
2 – 3. Chris Lamming 3.5
Serge Corbeil 3.5
4. Mio Ristic 3
5 – 7. Jack Smith 2.5
Geoff Barber 2.5
Rodel Sicat 2.5
8 – 10. Anakin Kotus 1
Paul Brown 1
James Davidson 1

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