Geelong Summer Swiss Round 4

Round 4 of the Geelong Summer Swiss is over, and we are seeing a freight-train performance by Geoff Davis, only halted a few rounds ago by Geoff Barber who held him to a draw.

His latest victim was Serge Corbeil, where Geoff, playing White played 3. e5, the Advance Variation, against Serge’s French. Geoff snatched a pawn in the middlegame but Serge stuck it out through a 127 move slug fest before finally going down to Geoff’s material advantage.

On board 2, Chris Lamming turned around an unpleasant position as White against Jack Smith after Jack missed White’s tactical opportunity, and Black proceeded to play on down 2 pawns for a piece; the position was probably drawn until Jack inexplicably placed both passed pawns en prise in a row.

Rodel Sicat played a fine game as White against Geoff Barber on board 3 in a Slav, with Black finding his king under heavy siege in the middlegame, and White forced resignation before the endgame.

Mio got a forfeit win over Anakin, and James and Paul Brown were apologies. (James was given a half point bye.)

Going forward, Geoff Davis needs only a draw to win the tournament, but Chris will have something to say about that in their game I’m sure! It should be an exciting finish to the event.

Round 5 pairings:
Geoff Davis vs Chris Lamming
Serge Corbeil vs Rodel Sicat
Geoff Barber vs Jack Smith
Mio Ristic vs Paul Brown
James Davidson vs Anakin Kotus
Standings before round 5:
1. Geoff Davis 3.5
2. Chris Lamming 3
3-4. Serge Corbeil 2.5
Rodel Sicat 2.5
5 – 7. Jack Smith
2Geoff Barber 2
Mio Ristic 2
8-9. Paul Brown 1
Anakin Kotus 1
10. James Davidson 0.5

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