O’Dea, Smith equal victors in Summer Rapid

David O’Dea shared first place with Jack Smith in the first Geelong Chess Club tournament of 2021, both players scoring 5 points; David looked unstoppable going into the final round on 5/5 where he played the Black pieces against a trailing Rodel Sicat, but Rodel played a picturesque final game, culminating in a fine sacrifice to drag down his strong opponent.

We were happy to welcome many newcomers to the Club in this first tournament of the year, with David, Ash Batta, James Davidson and Fess and Aidan making their first appearance, all putting on a good show against tough contenders.

Round 1 Results:
Aidan vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1
Ashutosh Batta vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Jack Smith vs James Davidson 1-0
Fess vs Geoff Davis 0-1
Rodel Sicat vs Anakin Kotus
David O’Dea vs BYE 1-0

Round 2 Results:
Geoffrey Gill vs Rodel Sicat 0-1
Geoff Davis vs David O’Dea 0-1
Ashutosh Batta vs Jack Smith 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Fess 1-0
James Davidson vs Aidan 0-1
Anakin Kotus vs BYE 1-0

Round 3 Results:
David O’Dea vs Jack Smith 1-0
Rodel Sicat vs Mio Ristic 0-1
Anakin Kotus vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1
Aidan vs Geoff Davis 0-1
Fess vs Ashutosh Batta 1-0
James Davidson vs BYE 1-0

Round 4 Results:
Geoffrey Gill vs David O’Dea 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Geoff Davis 1-0
Jack Smith vs Rodel Sicat 1-0
Anakin Kotus vs Aidan 1-0
James Davidson vs Ash Batta 0-1
Fess vs BYE

Round 5 Results:
David O’Dea vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Geoff Davis vs Jack Smith 0-1
Rodel Sicat vs Fess 1-0
Ash Batta vs Anakin Kotus 1-0
Geoffrey Gill vs James Davidson 1-0
Aidan vs BYE

Round 6 Results:
Rodel Sicat vs David O’Dea 1-0
Jack Smith vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Ash Batta vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Anakin Kotus 1-0
Aidan vs Fess 0-1
James vs BYE

Final Standings:
1 – 2. David O’Dea 5
Jack Smith 5

3 – 4. Rodel Sicat 4
Geoffrey Gill 4

5 – 8. Mio Ristic 3
Geoff Davis 3
Ash Batta 3
Fess 3

9 – 11. Anakin Kotus 2
James Davidson 2
Aidan 2

2 thoughts on “O’Dea, Smith equal victors in Summer Rapid

  1. Hi Jack, Good to see so many newcomers at the club. You listed David O’Dea as a newcomer, but I recall him at the club at Moorabool St (2004-2005). He smashed my Sicilian Defence with a brilliant display. We were sorry to lose him at the time. Good to see him back! Well done to both of you in the tournament. Cheers, Andrew

    Andrew and Joekie Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Andrew, Sorry, just saw your message.

      I did have the impression David was experienced, but I had never seen him at the club before. He’s still a very good player -hopefully we can get him to come again some time.

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