Rapid Championship halfway, Daneshvar leads; last 3 rounds tonight

The last 3 rounds of the 2020 Geelong Rapid Championships will commence this Thursday at 7 pm; Reza Daneshvar has an early lead after beating Geoffrey Gill in round 3. He is pursued by 5 players on 2 points though, so anything could happen in the last 3 rounds!

The club was pleased to see some fresh faces – Anakin Kotus and Matthew Whitford both made a return after fairly long hiatuses, and Louis Fevrier and Fin Hutton came along for their first Geelong Chess Club tournament! Fin currently sits on 2 points, after beating club stalwarts Zoran Babic and Rodel Sicat in rounds 2 and 3 respectively.

With many players still in contention, it will be an exciting second night of chess!

Round 1 Results:
Geoffrey Gill vs Rodel Sicat 1-0
Jack Smith vs Zoran Babic 0-1
Reza Daneshvar vs Louis Fevrier 1-0
Fin Hutton vs Matthew Whitford 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Anakin Kotus 1-0
Wade Patterson vs Geoff Davis 1-0

Round 2 Results:
Matthew Whitford vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1
Zoran Babic vs Mio Ristic 0-1
Wade Patterson vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Louis Fevrier 1-0
Rodel Sicat vs Fin Hutton 0-1
Anakin Kotus vs Jack Smith 0-1

Round 3 Results:
Geoffrey Gill vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Matthew Whitford 0-1
Fin Hutton vs Zoran Babic 1-0
Jack Smith vs Geoff Davis 0-1
Rodel Sicat vs Wade Patterson 1-0
Louis Fevrier vs Anakin Kotus 1-0

Standings at end of Round 3:
1. Reza Daneshvar 3
2 – 6. Geoffrey Gill 2
Matthew Whitford 2
Fin Hutton 2
Mio Ristic 2
Geoff Davis 2
7 – 11. Wade Patterson 1
Louis Fevrier 1
Zoran Babic 1
Rodel Sicat 1
Jack Smith 1
12. Anakin Kotus 0

Round 4 Pairings:
Reza Daneshvar vs Mio Ristic
Fin Hutton vs Geoffrey Gill
Matthew Whitford vs Geoff Davis
Zoran Babic vs Wade Patterson
Louis Fevrier vs Jack Smith
Anakin Kotus vs Rodel Sicat

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