Winter Swiss: Gill leads 3/3 at half way point

The Winter Rapid marked the reopening of the Geelong Chess Club! 7 players attended the first night, with the first 3 rounds out of 6 being played.

Geoffrey Gill leads on 3/3, having dispatched Geoff Davis, Jack and Paul in a very clean fashion.
3 players follow on 2/3 in Paul, Jack, and Reza. (Paul showed that he has been using his lockdown time to study, cleaning up club veterans Mio and Reza both in the one night.)

The club welcomed newcomer Wade Patterson as well, who showed good potential and patience, but was outlasted by Mio and Reza.

Round 1 results:
Geoff Davis vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1
Reza Daneshvar vs Paul Brown 0-1
Wade Patterson vs Mio Ristic 0-1
Jack Smith vs BYE

Round 2 results:
Geoffrey Gill vs Paul Brown 1-0
Mio Ristic vs Jack Smith 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Wade Patterson vs BYE

Round 3 results:
Jack Smith vs Geoffrey Gill 0-1
Reza Daneshvar vs Wade Patterson 1-0
Paul Brown vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Geoff Davis vs BYE
Round 4 pairings:
Geoffrey Gill vs Reza Daneshvar
Paul Brown vs Jack Smith
Wade Patterson vs Geoff Davis
Mio Ristic vs BYE

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