Summer Rapid concludes, Daneshvar, Ristic show good form

The second half of the Summer Swiss has finished, giving a clear winner: Reza Daneshvar ripped through the opposition to achieve a score of 5.5/6! Mio Ristic was playing well, and followed closely on 5 points.

(Note that the pairing system was different for this tournament, due to last-minute circumstances regarding the club computer, so a keen eye might spot some discrepancies. [e.gthe only bye available is the half point bye; Garry Quince for some reason got 2 byes] This tournament will therefore NOT be ACF rated. Further tournaments will be paired by the usual Vega system.)

Round 1 Results:
Geoff Davis vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Garry Quince vs Jack Smith 0.5-0.5
Harry Soo vs Mio Ristic 0-1
Paul Brown vs BYE 0.5

Round 2 Results: (Note that Zoran Babic entered in round 2)
Reza Daneshvar vs Zoran Babic 0.5-0.5
Mio Ristic vs Garry Quince 1-0
Jack Smith vs Paul Brown 1-0
Harry Soo vs Geoff Davis 0-1

Round 3 Results: (Note that Harry Soo withdrew in round 3)
Reza Daneshvar vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Zoran Babic vs Jack Smith 0-1
Paul Brown vs Geoff Davis 0-1
Garry Quince vs BYE 0.5

Round 4 Results:
Jack Smith vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Geoff Davis vs Mio Ristic 0-1
Garry Quince vs Paul Brown 1-0
Zoran Babic vs BYE

Round 5 Results:
Reza Daneshvar vs Garry Quince 1-0
Mio Ristic vs Jack Smith 1-0
Geoff Davis vs Zoran Babic 0-1
Paul Brown vs BYE 0.5

Round 6 Results:
Paul Brown vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Mio Ristic vs Zoran Babic 1-0
Jack Smith vs Geoff Davis 1-0
Garry Quince vs BYE 0.5

Final Standings:

1Reza Daneshvar5.5+B6=W4+W2+B3+W5+B715.516.5
2Mio Ristic5.0+B8+W5-B1+B6+W3+W416.016.0
3Jack Smith3.5=B5+W7+B4-W1-B2+W617.518.5
4Zoran Babic3.0BYE=B1-W3+W8+B6-B216.016.0
5Garry Quince2.5=W3-B2=BYE+W7-B1=BYE19.020.0
6Geoff Davis2.0-W1+B8+B7-W2-W4-B317.517.5
7Paul Brown1.0=BYE-B3-W6-B5=BYE-W116.518.0
8Harry Soo0.0-W2-W6BYE-B4BYEBYE7.59.5

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