Summer Swiss at half-way point, Daneshvar, Smith lead

The first tournament of the year has kicked off, with 8 participants in the Summer Rapid.
A few notable appearances were made by old club members Garry Quince and Geoff Davis. Keen junior Harry Soo was also welcomed!

Note that a different pairing system is being used for this tournament out of necessity, and that byes caused by odd numbers are half points instead of full points

Half-Point Byes: Zoran Babic was given a round 1 bye, and Harry Soo was given a round 3 bye.

Round 1 Results:
Geoff Davis vs Reza Daneshvar 0-1
Garry Quince vs Jack Smith 0.5 – 0.5
Harry Soo vs Mio Ristic 0-1
Paul Brown vs BYE (0.5)

Round 2 Results:
Reza Daneshvar vs Zoran Babic 0.5-0.5
Mio Ristic vs Garry Quince 1-0
Jack Smith vs Paul Brown 1-0
Harry Soo vs Geoff Davis 0-1

Round 3 Results:
Reza Daneshvar vs Mio Ristic 1-0
Zoran Babic vs Jack Smith 0-1
Paul Brown vs Geoff Davis 0-1

Round 4 Pairings:
Jack Smith vs Reza Daneshvar
Geoff Davis vs Mio Ristic
Garry Quince vs Paul Brown
Zoran Babic vs Harry Soo

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