Half way point in Spring Swiss

The first three rounds of T14, the Spring Swiss, have now been completed.

The only player on a maximum score is new member Rod Hessing. Geoff Barber, this years joint champion lost to Rod in the first round and then to Mio Ristic (who did so well in the recent Vic. Country Championship) in the second.  He is now on half a point from a draw with Geoff Davis in round 3.

Jack Smith  has two points out of three  with wins against Geoff Davis in the first round and Owen Courtis in the second.  Reza Daneshvar had some revenge against Mio for his loss to him in the Country Championship, winning their third round encounter. Reza now holds second place and will play black against Rod in round four this Friday night.

The pairings for Fridays’ round are:

  1.   Rod Hessing(3)       v      Reza Daneshvar(2.5)
  2.   Mio Ristic(1.5)         v     Jack Smith(2)
  3.   Zoran Babic(1.5)     v      Geoff Davis(0.5)
  4.   Geoff Barber(0.5)    v     Owen Courtis(0.5)

One more round will be played after Friday’s, on Nov 11.  After that the next meeting will be social chess and after that the Rapid Play Championship over three nights, taking us to the end of the year with the AGM on December 16.

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