Fletcher Morrow Shield returns to Ballarat

A friendly rivalry has always existed between the Geelong and Ballarat Chess Clubs.
This was only intensified in 1925, when a contest between the clubs was organised, and Ballarat prevailed.

The contestants did not sit down again until 2011, when the Fletcher-Morrow Shield, an annual challenge match between the two old foes, was inaugurated. The format was a best of ten games played between the two clubs in a single sitting, with Geelong settling the score.

This year, the Geelong Chess Club strove to defend the Fletcher Morrow Shield, wrested last year by a single point, against a resurgent Ballarat on Sunday, 9th August at the Girl Guides Hall, 33 Myers Street, Geelong.

Ballarat prevailed, winning by a convincing margin of 6.5 to 3.5 – more details here.


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