Checkmate Challenge

Chess: It’s the ultimate test of wits, patience and attention to detail. The ability to think three moves ahead and make sure you see what your opponent is planning before it is too late. Whilst Nick is no Chess whizz he certainly sees himself as an intelligent creature capable of taking down anyone at almost anything. Here’s your chance to wipe that smug grin from his face…and score yourself a free cocktail at the same time!

Come in on the first Thursday of the month to Strasse Bar on Pakington St and challenge Nick to a game of chess…beat him and he’ll make you a drink on the house* Simple.

Should you wish to hone your skills before taking on the master feel free to come in and play against your friend or better half, any day of the week! (Any day being Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 4pm)

Starts Thursday 6th February 2014.

*As with anything in life…Conditions Apply

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