Club Year Winds Up.

On Monday December the 9th the Annual General Meeting was held as the final meeting for the year. On next years programme we will re-open on February the 3rd.

The committee appointed for the year 2014 was:

President:  Sam Sopovsky

Vice President:  Ben Kersten

Secretary: Andrew Wemyss

Treasurer: Bill Stokie

Ordinary Members: Michael Sugrue, Geoffrey Gill.


Prizes were presented for the years’ events as follows:

T1     Rapid Play 20/10                  Eq 1st Michael Sugrue, Zoran Babic, Andrew Wemyss

 T2     10 min handicap                   1st Barbaros Kara

 T3     10 min championship          1st Reza Daneshvar 2nd Barbaros Kara

 T4      5 min lightning                    1st Barbaros Kara 2nd Zoran Babic

 T5     Autumn classic 60/30         1st Michael Sugrue  2nd Barbaros Kara

T6      Rapid play Champ 2013     1st Bill Stokie

T7      Lightning                             1st Michael Sugrue

T8      Winter classic 60/15           1st Michael Sugrue

T9      Lightning Champ 2013       1st Michael Sugrue 2nd Gary Quince

 Club Championship 2013            1st Zoran Babic

                                                      2nd Michael Sugrue

                                                      3rd Ben Kersten

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