2012 Australian Chess Championship

This is what GM Yuan had to say on hearing of the entry of Darryl Johansen.

“I just quickly checked my database for head to head encounters. We have played ten times at classical time controls. Darryl leads with four wins, one loss and five draws. Probably we haven’t played each other quite so many times because we live in different states and are of a different generation. I seem to meet Darryl at the Australian Open or the Australian Championships. I am obviously hoping to keep improving my overall score.

I have learned a lot through the years by watching Darryl play, particularly at Olympiads he really puts on some maestro performance. I remember a game he showed me I Sokolov – Johansen (Nimzo-Indian) which has made a deep impression on me. I really admire his deep sense of strategy and positional play. I believe in this arena he is still the man to look up to in Australian chess for players in the younger generations.”

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